Paul Slesinski is founder and owner of EMR Protection. He holds a Bachelor of Science Engineering degree and has received Electromagnetic Radiation Certification from International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology.

Before EMR consulting Paul worked in home automation, and building engineering field. He became concerned about the amount of radiation we are being exposed in our daily lives, after he developed sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.

He is passionate about showing people how even small adjustments can create significant results. His mission is to bring public awareness of the health risks associated with EMR, and focus on living healthy with your favorite technology. 

e-mail:                                            Tel: (312) 483-4306

Disclaimer / Legal

Though we hope any included recommendations will lead to a healthier life, no statement or information provided by the assessment, reports, web site, or phone consultations are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease or any other medical condition.

The reader, viewer or listener is advised to discuss the information provided with an authorized healthcare practitioner. EmrProtection shall not be liable for any health effects arising due to recommendations made by the assessment, reports, web site, or related phone consultations.

The measurements requiring physical connection to building wiring are conducted according to the best electrical practices.  EmrProtection are not responsible for any physical damage to electrical outlets or house power distribution system arising from loose, defective, or brittle receptacles or improper wiring. The results relate only to the items tested.

The discussions and measurements in assessment reports or consultation are based only on single (one time) results and may not be repeatable if conditions in the home change, or if the results are collected during a different period of time.