A thorough investigation for dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) (also called electromagnetic fields) will reveal unhealthy levels of radiation and it will help you understand how to use modern electrical and electronic devices safely. We will assist you in dramatically lowering exposure to EMF at your home and work place.

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    Typical EMR home assessment

1. Radio Frequency (RF) radiation measurement through the air from WiFi, cell phone towers, radar, smart meters, cordless phones and wireless baby monitors.

2. AC Electric Fields radiation measurement  from house wiring and power lines.

3. AC Magnetic Fields radiation measurement from power lines, transformers, wiring errors.

4. Dirty Electricity measurement on your wires caused by compact fluorescent lights, dimmer switches and energy efficient appliances.

5. Particular attention to high use areas of home (offices, bedrooms)

6. Recommend remediation and protection

Typical EMR home assessment costs $345 (up to 3 hours).  An additional hourly rate might apply depending on the complexity of the situation, size of property and distance from our Winnetka office.

We offer our consultation services to:
  • Homeowners  - we identify and reduce excessive EMR in the home. We can also assist with real estate pre-purchase, pre-lease EMR  assessments.
  • Architects and builders  - we advise and eliminate EMR during the preliminary design phase.
  •  Medical practitioners - if you suspect EMR might be a factor in your   patient's health.
Our EMR Services:
  •  Enable many clients to feel and sleep better.
  •  Many solutions often cost little or nothing.
  •  Other solutions might require a second visit with the company of a certified electrician to repair electrical code violations or visit of other contractor.  
  • We use professional grade, certified and calibrated instruments specifically designed for Building Biologists and utilize proven Building Biology protocols to detect, measure and re mediate for your health concerns.